Hidden Affections by Delia Parr: Book Review


Title of Book: Hidden Affections  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Author: Delia Parr

My favorite quotes from book:

>Faith, Hope & the greatest of all; love. She whispered those words aloud, over and over until her faith was renewed, hope replaced her despair and love instead of anger, filled her heart when she thought of the two people God had brought into her life who made her feel safe.

>Father, I don't know why you've brought me into this man's life and here to this place, but I trust you. I know that my life will unfold according to your plan, but right now, I don't understand what plan that might be.

Date Published:  May 1, 2011

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Pages: 347

Genres: Historical Christian Fiction

Characters: Annabelle Tyler, Harrison Graymoor, Philip (Harrison's cousin), Eric Bradley & Irene

Annabelle Tyler longs for a fresh start. Yet she cannot reveal what brought her to these circumstances. Harrison Graymoor plays the role of Philadelphia's most eligible, yet elusive, bachelor. His preference is to remain single,alone. Quite unexpectedly, Annabelle & Harrison are forced into an undesired predicament. What happens when two determined individuals resolve against marriage, but their hearts tell them otherwise? (back of the book)

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Books And Technology


A Girl And Her E-Books! 

 When I first saw this picture I thought. That is exactly how I feel about a good book…Mmmm!

I recently I downloaded the free Kindle PC application for my Eee PC netbook.  I was so excited to put this new technology to the test. It was easy to download! I watched how instantly my netbook was transformed into a book reading wonder! I wondered has digital media taken the place of publishing & printing. In today’s world we crave the latest technology. Gadgets of every kind, which will make things faster, easier, ready when we need them. However will the stress of overload that these tech savvy gadgets provide help us or just cause us to go into overload due to too many choices? So I’m curious, what are your thoughts on the latest technology in book readers? Ok, I’m specifically talking about the Kindle & Kindle for PC application.

 Blogging is one of my passions. I get to write about what I like and I can use my “writing voice” to tell the world what I think.  I also love to read! My passion to read ignited in me my passion to write. So today I want to talk about e-book readers. This is not an evaluation but just my opinions from my experience using the Kindle PC application.

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God's Heart Your Destiny