Ann Silver

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson


Full Disclosure Title of book: Full Disclosure  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Author: Dee Henderson

My favorite quotes from book:

  • Some things in life are a mystery. Love is one of them.
  • Get to know me, Ann. Then you can decide what you think about me.
  • I think you’ve heard a lot about me from friends, but you haven’t really met me. I’m going to surprise you in a whole lot of ways.
  • She could use your help, God. To find the truth and clear the innocent, to name the guilty, but more, to just get through this.
  • I talk about what matter to me all the time. But there are large chunks of who I am, of what I think about, that reside only between myself and God. 
  • Would you want to know the secrets if they would rip apart and end the relationship?
  • Eventually every secret comes to the surface.
  • Being scared to fail is like shadowboxing with a shadow.

Year Published: Bethany House Publishers (October 2, 2012)

Pages: 432

Genres: Christian Fiction Suspense

Characters in book: Paul Falcon, Ann Silver, Midnight, Sam & Rita

My Overview: Get ready for a roller coaster ride of suspense & romance! Dee Henderson’s newest book; Full Disclosure, is all that and more! A shooter has FBI special agent, Paul Falcon, running in circles with no clue as to what their next move will be. Midwest Homicide Investigator, Anne Silver, enters the picture! She drops new evidence on Paul Falcon’s desk, evidence which just may be the break that Paul has been looking for. Who is this powerful woman, Ann Silver and could she be the break in this cold case that Paul has been looking for?

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