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Cow Belles – Movie Review


Movie Title: Cow Belles ♥       

My favorite quotes from the movie: That’s Daddy’s factory, isn’t it the cutest! No vacations, no shopping sprees, be strong Court, be strong!

Year: 2006

Length: 90 min

Rating: G

Genres: Family, Comedy

Cast: Alyson Michalka, Amanda Michalka, Jack Coleman, Michael Trevino, Sheila McCarthy, Christian Serratos, Sandy Robson, Duane Murray and Dylan Roberts

My Movie Review: Cow Belles

Overview: Taylor & Courtney are summoned by their father to go to work for the family business. Faced with the expectation that comes from those already working at the company, makes it difficult for the sisters to fit in. As the two sisters spend their days working side by side, they discover what is going on inside the company. They must now make a choice! Will they make a decision based on personal gratification or will they discover it’s better to give than receive?

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Movie Review


Movie Title: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader  ♥ ♥

My favorite quotes from the movie: You doubt your value; don't run from who you are! A noble warrior does not run from fear! You’ve got an extraordinary destiny, something greater than you could of imagined! You have returned for a reason, your adventure begins now!

Year: 2010

Length: 113 min

Rating: PG

Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy

Cast: Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes,Georgie Henley, Will Poulter, Bruce Spence, Billy Brown and Laura Brent

My Movie Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Overview  A return trip to Narnia brings Lucy, Edmund and their cousin Eustace together where they meet up with Prince Caspian to board The Dawn Treader. As they make their way back to Narnia, they run into plenty of trouble with fire breathing dragons, the evil Oppressor and the former white witch. Each will be faced with their own temptations that they must overcome & get victory over.

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