Spiritual Avalanche: The Threat of False Teachings that could destroy Millions!


Spiritual Avalanche: The Threat of False Teachings that could destroy millions  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Author: Steve Hill

My favorite quotes from book:


  • What motivates you as a Christian to wake up every day? According to the word of God we should be consumed with populating heaven!
  • The church should never cater to the crowds desires, they should change the crowds desires
  • Leaders today are frantically trying to create a no-cost cross. We want Christianity without sacrifice, heaven without holiness, and worldliness without consequence.
  • We’ve created an atmosphere where man feels accepted but God feels rejected.
  • God is not giving us more time to party, He is giving us space to repent!
  • Jesus was concerned with heart correctness, not pleasing the political. If preachers are to be relevant & effective, the fluff must be thrown out & replaced with the cross, the blood, repentance, and sacrifice. We must proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified for the sins of man.
  • The great Bible orators of old never preached slushy, self-centered, society-pleasing sermons. Their words challenged people to live a life or no compromise that included acknowledging and repenting of sin and receiving God’s forgiveness.
  • Carefully crafted messages may be appealing to the uninformed saints, but it’s appalling to the Savior.
  • God’s grace is not a big cover-up for an unholy life. Jesus did not die a gruesome death on a rugged cross, shedding His precious blood to give you a life free to live however you please. Your life is not your own.
  • Pastor read the words in red! If Jesus were to attend your church this weekend, how many tables would be overturned? How many leaders would he have to whip? Would this radical be welcomed through your doors or ushered out of them?
  • Satan in snowing the saints, but it can be stopped!

Year Published:  Charisma House, March 12, 2013

Pages: 241

Genres: Christianity & Spiritual Growth

This is a Wake Up call and vivid warning to readers through a vision of an avalanche that God gave Steve Hill, which represents the false and heretical teachings from pastors and teachers that are spreading to Christians worldwide. Hill shares how every aspect of his vision relates to Christians today. The snow represents the false teaching that is steadily falling on the ears of many Christ followers, covering with many layers the solid foundational truth of Christ. Heresies including universalism, the deification of man, overemphasized grace, and many more that will ultimately destroy the spiritual lives of many.

What happens when snow keeps falling, creating the dangerous threat of an avalanche? Those who heed the warnings are saved, but those who fail to listen are caught in a deadly trap. Readers will be challenged to understand these dangers and what they can do to help tear down these false teachings in order to secure a layer of solid, biblical instruction that will establish truth in the work of the Gospel, and help us avoid spiritual destruction. (From the back of the book). If you would like to hear an excerpt from the book, see video at bottom of page!

My Overview: We are living in the last days that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24, regarding the signs of the times! Many will be deceived by false teachings & false teachers! Steve Hill describes a vision, given to him by the Lord, which will help the Body of Christ see how dangerous these false teachings really are! Steve delivers a warning to those that would preach a different gospel & to those who want to gather to themselves teachers who will give them a feel good message in this hour! Steve uses his vision that the Lord imparted to him of an Avalanche to show what is happening to millions of people who are being “snowed” by Satan. He also tells us, what our part is if we are leaders or lay people. I found his writing to be biblically sound and a warning to the Body of Christ in this critical hour!

My Thoughts & Comments: Years ago I wrote an article entitled “Is the Body of Christ committing spiritual suicide”. I began to see a shift in the churches & what was being preached. A watering down of the word of God, a less offensive gospel as well as losing a sense for the reverence for the Holy Spirit! I was deeply disturbed by what I recognized as an attack of the enemy through compromise & laziness. It grieved me greatly, as I cried out to the Lord & prayed for direction. The bible tells us that my people perish due to lack of knowledge! I addressed it, warned about it and had my spiritual artillery ready whenever it reared its ugly head. But it didn’t stop, in fact it got worse! Why? Because there are those in the Body of Christ, just like Steve Hill says, that don’t want to live the crucified life in Christ. Paul was speaking to Timothy about this very thing when he said: For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.(2 Timothy 4:3-4)

Pastors & Leaders buy this book, read it and heed its warning! I pray that God will speak to you & if necessary get you back on track with the message of the gospel! Feel good psychology messages may bring in the money, but not at the cost of someone’s soul! If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, learn to hate sin as much as God does. Don’t play around with it, overcome it and get the victory, so that you can walk in freedom from it. Grace is the empowerment by the Holy Spirit to overcome what your flesh desires to do! Learn to recognize false teachings & have your spiritual artillery read to aim & fire. Most important of all make your life count for eternity, let God use you in this hour to impact others with the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ! He needs laborers in his field to bring in his harvest & that starts in your own backyard! Be faithful with a little & he will make you ruler over much!

Note: This book review only reflects my opinions and thoughts! My desire in writing these book reviews is to help others find great stories or non-fiction books that have not been compromised by using any profanity, detailed sexual scenes or graphic violence. I wanted to share with others what I liked about these books & why I would recommend them. I did not receive this particular book through a book blogging program. To purchase book, click on image below!





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