Her Heart’s Desire: Book Review


Title of Book:  Her Heart's Desire  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Author: Amie Rhodehamel

My favorite quotes from book:

  • Tell me about your salvation in Christ, Seth. I don't think I've heard it before.
  • Well I think I was about six when I started to ask questions about Jesus
  • When I was younger, I thought that I could do things on my own and find success. What I misunderstood was that success without the blessing of God didn't bring fulfillment.
  • Well I know that I never felt accepted for who I was until I accepted Jesus.

Year Published: Amie Rhodehamel May 9, 2012

Pages: 120

Genres: Christian Fiction Romance

Characters in book: Andrea Hatfield, Seth Anderson, & Brian King

What do you do when you’re weeks away from marrying the man you love and your engagement falls apart before your eyes? How do you pick up your life after a devastating break up and begin to heal? Andrea Hatfield is a young woman who finds her world spinning when she opens the door one evening to a visitor who turns her world upside down.
Seth Anderson is a new associate pastor settling into his role at Life Family Church. Intent on following God’s plan for his life, he finds himself caught between helping an old friend try to win back his fiancée or pursue her himself.
Can Andrea move beyond the loss of her dream and trust that God's dream for her might be better? And when she gets a glimpse of His dream, can she let go of her past regrets and truly live a forgiven life? How will Seth reconcile his growing feelings for a hurting church member and give counsel to his old friend? No matter how broken or impossible things seem, God is continually writing our love story and is always working to give us our true heart’s desires for our good and for His glory. (Info from the back of book)  


My Overview: What happens when your world is turned upside down and everything you hoped & dreamed for is shattered & destoryed in an instant? Andrea Hatfield finds herself in such a situation & wonders if she can ever measure up to being who God has called her to be. Weeks away from marrying the man she is in love with, everything falls apart. Now determined to pick up the pieces of her broken heart & move forward, Andrea finds herself wondering what is God's plan for her life? And Does this change the way the God feels about her?

 However Andrea will discover that no matter what circustances or situations happen in life, God's plan always remains the same. Seth Anderson, the new associate pastor,  is about to enter Andrea's life! Will Andrea allow herself to be forgiven of her past, or will she allow her past to overshadow the future that God has planned for her?


My Thoughts & Comments: I am always searching for books to read & review that are Chrisitan Fiction or Non-Fiction that tell wonderful stories without using foul language or describing explicit scenes. I look for characters that are real and life like & draw you into their situation! Characters that know that without Gods hand upon their lives they are destined to fail. In this story, Her Heart's Desire, I could feel the struggle that Andrea was going through and how she desperately wanted to be a faithful woman of God.

 I loved that way that the author portrayed the characters as real, with real problems and gave them the courage to ask God to help them to face their situations. This is a story that starts out with heart break and carries you through the redemptive healing grace of God in each character it touches. Andrea Hatfield will become a real person to you & Seth Anderson will give you new hope in following after & never giving up on your heart's desire!

Note: This book review only reflects my opinions and thoughts! My desire in writing this book review is for those that want to read a story about how God works in people's lives & restores and redeems them. This book review was written because I wanted to share with others what I enjoyed & gleaned from reading this book. I did not receive this book through a book blogging program. If you are looking for a story of romance & God's abiblity to heal broken hearts & show His mercy and grace, then you'll find this book an enjoyable read! This book also had no foul language. Thank you Amie for a wonderful read!

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God's Heart Your Destiny