The Pastor’s Wife: Book Review


Title of Book:  The Pastor’s Wife  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Author:Jennifer Allee

My favorite quotes from book:

  • “You and I have gone through a lot in the last few years,”
  • “This was your dream”
  • “Hardly. I gave up silly dreams like that a long time ago.”
  • So much for offering up the appearance of a confident businesswoman.
  • She was her own pilot, copilot and navigator. There was no one to tell her how far to drive, where to stop, or what she could or couldn’t see. And she planned to see all the interesting little tourist traps along the way.
  • “Trust God He’ll fix whatever’s broken”

Publisher/Year Published: Abingdon Press Fiction (May 1, 2010)

Pages: 226

Genres: Christian/Drama/Romance

Characters in book: Maura Sullivan, Pastor Nick Shepherd, Wendell Crowley, Rachel Nelson, Lainie Waters, Pastor Chris Zeeble & Miss Harriet Lenore Granger.

Maura Sullivan never intended to set foot in Granger, Ohio, again. But when circumstances force her to return, she must face all the disappointments she tried so hard to leave behind: a husband who ignored her, a congregation she couldn’t please, and a God who took away everything she ever loved. Nick Shepherd thought he had put the past behind him, until the day his estranged wife walked back into town. Intending only to help Maura through her crisis of faith, Nick finds his feelings for her never died. Now, he must admit the mistakes he made, how he hurt his wife, and find a way to give and receive forgiveness.

As God works in both of their lives, Nick and Maura start to believe they can repair their broken relationship and reunite as man and wife. But Maura has one more secret to tell Nick before they can move forward. It’s what ultimately drove her to leave him six years earlier, and the one thing that can destroy the fragile trust they’ve built. ( from back cover)

My Overview: I’ll have to admit that it was the title of this book that drew me in by curiosity! However, as I read from page one to the very last page, I found myself involved with the characters & the people of the community of Granger.

When a Pastor’s wife disappears only after being married a short time to her husband, all the community of Grainger is surprised when she comes back to town after six years!

Maura Sullivan never fit into the mold of what the congregation expected her to be, as a Pastor’s wife. She wasn’t about pot lucks, ladies auxiliary or leading the ladies bible studies. She did her best to meet the expectations of her husband’s congregation, but she felt cheated that His congregation meant more to him than she did.

When a call comes that brings her back to Grainger after six years, she is forced to face not only her (former) husband, but the church council & all those that don’t trust her. Maura had buried her hurt & emotional pain of her past, but now she was being forced to face her worst fears! Will the secret that Maura has hidden for so long, be the catalyst that causes the final separation from her & Nick? Or will the fire be ignited between the couple again when they find forgiveness & healing and decide to give their relationship another chance?

My Thoughts & Comments:  I liked this story! The characters were very real and it gives you a glimpse into perhaps what being a Pastor or a Pastor’s wife is really like. I could identify with the characters and what they were facing. We’ve all been through situations where the pain of not being acceptable to others has caused us much distress! I enjoyed watching this couple work out their differences & knowing that God can help you through any situation you may face! Also this book, had clean words, & no graphic or inappropriate scenes! I enjoyed this book! Thank you Jennifer Allee for a wonderful read!

This book review only reflects my opinions and comments! This book review was written by me because I wanted to share with others what I enjoyed & gleaned from this book. I did not receive this book through a book blogging program.

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