Waiting For Daybreak by Kathryn Cushman – Book Review


Title of Book: Waiting for Daybreak  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Author: Kathryn Cushman

My favorite quotes from the book:

  • Because I have seen firsthand how someone can twist a mistake around & destroy someone else’s life.
  • She felt the pain of loss all over again, she tried to pray, but mostly it came out “why, God? Why”?

Year Published: Oct 1, 2008

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Pages: 320

Genres: Christian Fiction

Characters in book: Paige Woodward & Clarissa Richardson

Paige Woodward is a woman with few choices. Her destitute mother's only hope for a cure isn't covered by insurance. When a dream opportunity arises at a brand-new pharmacy, Paige is willing to keep quiet about her past to make sure she lands the job.

For Clarissa Richardson, the dream of running her own pharmacy comes to a screeching halt when her grandfather hires a too-perfect new girl who seems to be hiding something. How far will they go to protect their dreams for tomorrow? What will happen when one woman's last hope means ruining another woman's greatest dream? (from the book)

My Overview: Two women struggle to overcome their insecurities in order to fulfill their dreams and make a better life for themselves. However, how far will each one  go to insure that they get what they want? Are they willing to cover up mistakes and do unethical things in order to bring about success in their lives? At what price does success come to those that are driven by it or the desire to have it? What if you had a dream that caused other to persecute you, in order for you to give up, so that they could continue doing what they wanted to do? Would you still step out & persure your dream?

When a dream for Clarissa & Paige comes together they will discover that things aren’t always as they seem. Paige is facing uncertain challenges in her life, when her mother's medical needs aren’t covered by her insurance. When an opportunity presents itself to solve that problem to what extent will Paige go to see that her mother receives proper care?

Clarissa has a different dream and that is to run her own pharmacy one day. Clarissa thinks that she has got the cat in the bag & sealed the deal, but she couldn’t be more wrong! She didn't count on the new girl that was just hired & her name is Paige!

My Thoughts & Comments:  I picked up this book to keep myself occupied for a few minutes and then put it back on the shelf. I got home and found myself so intrigued by this story that I had to know where the story was going. So I went on line to buy it and thanks to my kindle in 60 seconds I had it in my hot little hands.

I was captivated from page one and that says a great deal about the author of this book. I love the way that she reveales the lives of two ordinary people that face the same insecurities and challenges that we have all faced. If you’ve ever been in that place of waiting for daybreak or for the storms to become peaceful you know what I’m talking about!

She builds her characters and she makes them so real that you can't help but cheer them on. She keeps the focus on the main characters and brings in a couple of sub characters that don’t steal the lime light . Point blank, I love her simple style of writing & how she uses her knowledge of pharmacology which will keep you interested right up until the last page of the book. This is the first book I’ve read by Kathryn Cushman and I am delighted to say it won’t be the last. Thank you Kathryn for this wonderful read!

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