Disney Tangled – Movie Review


Movie Title: Tangled (Disney)  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  

My favorite quotes from the movie: Something brought you here fate, destiny a horse? You coming blondie? What’s your dream? Go, live your dream!

Year: 2010

Length: 100 min

Rating: PG for brief mild violence

Genres: Animation, Comedy,  Family,  Fantasy, Musical, Romance

Cast: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, Ron Perlman, M.C.Gaine, Jeffrey Tambor, Brad Garrett, Paul F. Tompkins, Richard Kiel

My Movie Review: Disney Tangled

Over View: The story of Tangled originated from the well-known Brothers Grimm tale known as Rapunzel! Tangled is a magical tale filled with adventure and courageous heroes! Like most fairy tales there are devious villains and brave heroes with happily ever after’s to follow! Rapunzel, unlike the brothers Grimm version, is developed into a strong, young, vibrant woman! She knows what she wants but she just needs a little help getting there!

Locked away in a tower since she was a child, Rapunzel only knows the world as a dangerous and scary place! Mother Gothel, who Rapunzel assumes is her mother, has brought Rapunzel up to believe this. Rapunzel was born with a special gift and Mother Gothel wants to use that special gift for her own evil intentions. Rapunzel dreams about the day that she will escape! The day that she will see a world that she can only dream about from her secluded tower!

As the story progresses we see Rapunzel grow up into a teenager! She longs to know what her future holds for her. A few days before her eighteenth birthday she plans her escape! Flynn Rider who is a bandit, running from the thugs that are chasing him, happens to climb up into her tower! Rapunzel doesn’t know if she can trust this suave talking young man, but she is willing to take her chances. Every year on Rapunzel’s birthday she watches the floating lights up in the sky from her tower. Rapunzel’s desire is to travel to the place where the floating lights are and Flynn agrees to take her there.

Rapunzel and Flynn set out on a journey together to reach their destinations! Flynn is after a priceless treasure! Rapunzel is seeking after her freedom and journeying to the land of the floating lights. Together Rapunzel and Flynn brave a world of fun filled adventures and dangerous pit falls! Will Rapunzel discover the place where the floating lights come from? Will Flynn find the priceless treasure that he is searching for? Take the journey into a fairy tale land, where there are beautiful castles and horseback riding heroes! A land where the animals can speak and dreams can come true. You’ll enjoy this wonderfully crafted story of a girl who discovers her freedom and a young hero who saves the day!

My thoughts and comments: I loved the animation in this movie! The characters were so life like that they just seem to pop off the screen. Mandy Moore, who is the voice of Rapunzel, can sing beautifully. Zachary Levi, who is the voice of Flynn Rider, is the perfect match for his character! One of my favorite scenes is where Rapunzel gets her first taste of freedom! She is seen running through the grass bare foot, then swinging from a rope, as she exclaims, “best day ever”! Two seconds later we see her crying, calling herself a horrible daughter! Then we see her again and she is happy & excited about her freedom! Rapunzel had been locked up in that tower for so long, manipulated by Mother Gothel, made to feel guilty, that when freedom comes to her, she has mixed feelings about it. She wants to be free but at the same time she feels like she is somehow betraying her mother!

The whole family will love this animated fairy tale! If you have little ones, there are scenes that might be a tad bit scary for them. Tangled is a wonderful, animated, fun filled adventure that you will enjoy watching with your kids or grandkids! If you are really crazy about Disney Tangled check out this site!

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