Don’t Quit In The Pit – By Danette Joy Crawford


Power to Change Your Life!

Have you ever been in the destructive pits; of life-abuse, rejection, divorce, or financial hardship?

Danette Crawford has been there and knows exactly how painful these situations can be-and how God can turn any situation around. With great empathy, candor, and scriptural teaching, she shares how you, too, can:

  • Overcome rejection and betrayal.
  • Learn to trust God in all things.
  • Extend forgiveness and receive healing.
  • Survive-and even thrive-in times of financial stress.
  • Eradicate bitterness and unforgiveness.
  • Experience God's favor.

God did it for Danette. He will do it for you, too! (from back cover of book)


My Review: Wow! From the minute I started reading this book, till the time I turned to the last page, I was inspired! I found it loaded with scriptural references! She explains how to use God's power to turn any situation around! Danette takes you through her years of growing up! She shares her challenges that she faced as a child and throughout adulthood. She is a breath of fresh air to woman who want to know they are called by God. This book is filled with not just good advice but sound biblical advice! She opens up her heart & shares her knowledge of the word and how to apply it to your life! You can expect change to take place when you obey God’s word. If you are in a pit of rejection, betrayal, unforgiveness, financial stress or bitterness, this book will help you to get out of that pit and live your life with power & purpose!

My Thoughts & Comments: I have watched Danette preach on her TV program “Joy In the Morning”! When I first saw her I recognized her as a strong woman of God! She preaches the word in season and out of season! This book took me on a journey to discover that no matter what circumstances or situations I may face, God can turn things around through my obedience! Check out what she says on page 72 of her book, if you’re a woman, it will bless your socks off! It was also wonderful to find after reading each chapter a section on Points to Ponder! In this section the author asks questions relating to what you have just read. I found myself with my highlighter in hand and delving into each page & scooping up every little tid bit that she had to offer. YES, without a doubt I highly recommend reading this book! I give this book 5 Hearts, which means I LOVED IT!

This review only reflects my personal opinions that were formed by reading this book.

God's Heart Your Destiny