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A Girl And Her E-Books! 

 When I first saw this picture I thought. That is exactly how I feel about a good book…Mmmm!

I recently I downloaded the free Kindle PC application for my Eee PC netbook.  I was so excited to put this new technology to the test. It was easy to download! I watched how instantly my netbook was transformed into a book reading wonder! I wondered has digital media taken the place of publishing & printing. In today’s world we crave the latest technology. Gadgets of every kind, which will make things faster, easier, ready when we need them. However will the stress of overload that these tech savvy gadgets provide help us or just cause us to go into overload due to too many choices? So I’m curious, what are your thoughts on the latest technology in book readers? Ok, I’m specifically talking about the Kindle & Kindle for PC application.

 Blogging is one of my passions. I get to write about what I like and I can use my “writing voice” to tell the world what I think.  I also love to read! My passion to read ignited in me my passion to write. So today I want to talk about e-book readers. This is not an evaluation but just my opinions from my experience using the Kindle PC application.

But before we talk about the new technology, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Let’s visit the good old book store. Do you remember your first visit to one of those multi-million dollar book stores, when they first opened? I am often reminded of the movie "You've Got Mail", where a little book store owner, Meg Ryan, is in competition with a new more modern book store that moves into her neighborhood.

I thought of Barnes & Noble when I watched this movie.  I’ll never forget my first visit to Barnes & Noble. It was like walking into an over stocked candy store. Their overstuffed lounge chairs & the smell of a fresh brewed lattés tickling my senses. I was enticed to a point, that for a moment, I felt like I had walked into the famous Café Du Monde. Now off to grab my favorite novel, café mocha in hand and I’ll slip into one of those over-stuffed chairs. Ahhhhhh! It’s time to turn the cell phone off & indulge myself in a new book. Oh, and maybe I should wear my “do not disturb me, unless it’s an emergency “t-shirt! (Smiling).


Personally, I love to walk the isles of a book stores, eyeing the book shelves for what will attract my attention. Where I can seek out books as I touch each one with a tap of my finger. I’m waiting on the right touch. My fingers will spring into action and wrap themselves around the binding! I’ll draw the book out, then I’ll carefully tilt it back just enough to take a peek at the cover. If it’s eye catching enough I’ll slide it all the way off the shelf & into my hand. Now the balance acts begins. I carefully balance the binding in the palm of my hand while my free hand flips the pages to the first chapter. Now the test begins, will the first paragraph cause me to want to read more or will I close the book and shake my head and then carefully place it back on the shelf ready for the next tester to come along?


So here is what I discovered when I downloaded the new kindle PC application.  I first wondered how user friendly it would be. Would I miss the idea of the treasure hunt for the perfect book? Or would I consider it a time saving technology? One that not only saves me money, but time as well. After all if I know the book I want it’s as simple as looking up the title, putting it in my shopping cart & in 60 seconds later it is delivered to my PC Kindle! I really liked the idea of being able to take an entire library of books with me wherever I go. I actually found that I could read a book very quickly compared to holding a physical book in my hands. There was no losing my place because of the neat book mark feature in the kindle PC. Oh & did I mention that the kindle PC application is FREE to download. I also like the feature of being able to add notes & highlight passages that I find important in the book.


Well I can now say that I’ve had my Kindle PC application for a few months now & I’ve got to say I am really enjoying it. Its took a bit getting used to. I love my Eee PC netbook so adding this app will now allow me to read my books of choice over my netbook. I love the idea that I no longer have to hold my highlighter clasp in my lips. Then having to remove it from my mouth, when I find something that I want to highlight. You know you occasionally slip & end up with a little high lighter on your lips. That is why my favorite color high lighter is pink. However, if you’re creative you will tell others that it’s a new shade of lipstick. Of course fiction or stories I would less likely have to highlight something. However, I have a tendency to want to take notes when I read a mystery. The truth is I want to see if I can figure it out before I reach the end of the book. Nothing like a good mystery! When all the teenagers were reading oey gooey romance novels, I had my nose firmly planted in a Nancy Drew Mysteries or an Agatha Christy novel. This girl loved a good mystery and still does!


So I’ve come to the conclusion that e-book readers are a good thing. Having the Kindle PC app gives me a chance to explore many of the features of the Kindle. I know that eventually I’ll buy a Kindle, because this girl likes to take her books with her wherever she goes! However, I will always enjoy the treasure hunt of going into a book store and exploring the rows and rows of treasures. You never know what you're going to find tucked away on a dusty bookshelf! So my conclusion is e-book readers can save time, money, but they can never replace the unexpected journey that one can take, when one discoverers a neat little book shop tucked away on a street that not many have traveled.

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