A Candy For All Seasons


A Candy For All Season – By LisaMe!

Book Excerpt: Chapter 11 – November “To Blessed To Be Stressed”

God’s ways not our ways; God’s will not our wants!

When we lay aside the things we want and seek God’s will; God honors our hearts and sends us more blessings than we can contain. That is why we sing the song “So blessed I can’t contain it.” God promises are yes and amen.

Worrying, Wandering or Waiting: Ever think of what it was like for Moses in the dessert? What about the people who followed him there? The bible tells us that they grumbled while they were there; and at the same time it tells us that their garments did not wear out and neither did their shoes. I do not know about you, but I haven’t found a pair of shoes, or an outfit that lasted 40 years. What did they eat? Manna, they called it bread from heaven. It was supplied for them fresh every day.

Lisa’s Bio:

LisaMe is the pen name for Lisa Fryar. She is a wife, a mother, a sister and friend.  In 1999 Lisa was given a vision for A Candy Ministry, Lisa began to see how she could take the scriptures and using candy as a tool, teaching others the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ. As Lisa stepped out and trusted God to show her the way, Lisa began to see the Candy Ministry come to life. God had given her A Candy Ministry to help others see & experience the goodness of God’s word. After years of teaching the candy messages Lisa saw that the candy messages could produce, life changes and began the process of putting it all together for her book “A Candy For All Seasons”.  As Lisa would say it’s a message that is candy coded not candy coated!

Summary Of The Book:

A Candy for all seasons is a month by month look at how scripture plays into our everyday lives. She takes a message for each month and pairs scriptures and candy as a visual tool to help us to understand what God is saying to us.  As I read A Candy for All Seasons, I was reminded of the child like faith that God calls us to have. I found that the visual tools of pairing the candy with the scripture made the scriptures come alive & even taste good! Who would have thought that God could use something so simple as candy to show us how to live a life in Christ!

Reviewer’s Comments:

When I first heard of this book, I have to be honest I didn’t quite know how the association worked. However, as I started to read the book and God’s word began to minister to me, I saw the association & how it could help others see the simplicity of God’s word. The word of God isn’t just sprinkled throughout this book, but it is chock full of spiritual food. It is for all those that want a simple message that is scripturally based. Most people would agree that association helps you to remember things. Lisa makes it simple to understand the love of God & his healing power! You will grow in ways that you never expected. Regardless of how long you have been a Christian, You will find that this book has something for everyone!

Where You Will Find Lisa: You can request the book at any book store by requesting Author: LisaMe!

Website: Xulon Press to purchase book: http://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=9781615792733

LisaMe’s Blog: http://acandyministrybylisame.blogspot.com/

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