Mountain Peril By Sandra Robbins


Love Inspired Suspense: (Excerpt from the book) Danielle watched his car disappear in the distance before she headed for her jeep. She'd put off leaving for school long enough. She couldn't ignore her responsibilities there, but today she wished she could go somewhere other than Webster. Jack's words had left her wondering what secrets might be hidden inside the walled campus.~



Several years ago a murder occurred in the mountains of North Carolina and the killer was never caught! Now,years later it looks like the killer has returned. Danielle Tyler, the Dean of students at Webster University, is about to revisit her dark past. Danielle discovers this time however it is one of her students who has been murdered. The killer has left clues that will lead them down an unknown path of dark secrets.

Detective, Jack Denton arrives on the scene. He finds himself torn between the motive of the killer & wanting to protect a woman that he hardly knows. As Jack & Danielle work together to catch the killer, they find themselves drawn to one another. Will Jack & Danielle overcome their insecurities and find a love worth fighting for? Or will they let their careers interfere and have to push their feelings aside for one another? Can Jack find the killer before they strike again or will there be yet another murder?  Read all my reviews!

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