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40 Prayers for the Business Traveler


Title of Book: 

40 Prayers for the Business Traveler  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Author: D. Duane Engler



My favorite quotes from book:

  • Praying your way through business travel can help turn some of the negative aspects into joy
  • Jesus you have chosen this path for me to follow.
  • Help me to be patient and seek positive solutions.
  • Jesus, help me to have a reverent fear of you in all I do.

Year Published: JLD Publishing, Inc. (January 11, 2014)​

Pages: 53

Genres: Christian Living, devotions & prayers


(Infor from back of book) 

Expense accounts, exotic dining, vacations, travel, hotels, eating out, meeting new people, these may sound exciting to many, but to the seasoned business traveler the sound can be draining. Many of the items there become translated to long lines, delays, lost luggage, meeting random people, temptations, unhealthy eating choices, lost sleep, missed family events, lost time not seeing the children and often wasted time.

After years on the road traveling for business can become a drag, as it turns into a glorified commute. One year I traveled (commuted about 100,000 airplane miles within the US and about 70,000 driving miles.) Even during these excessive traveling, going to a fancy resort for a partial relaxation and partial business conference can lose its luster.

On the positive praying your way through business travel can help turn some of the negative sides into joy. The power of prayer is the most important thing in your life, so let’s get praying.

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